Helping you to find the funding your business needs to grow

I’m Jeremy Meadowcroft …
Welcome to Horizon-8

Whatever your plans are: startup, growth, expansion, or acquisition Horizon-8 can help you navigate the funding maze and find the capital solution you need.

With over 30 years lending experience my knowledge of the funding landscape and the variety of business requirements means that I can work with you to find the capital solution your business needs.

Whether you are a Founder, a Pre-start, a New or an Established business, I can show you how to find, locate & apply for the best financial funding plan for your needs.

Together we will find the funder who will say yes, to your request



Spending some time with me, will help you to fund your business ideas & plans & really get you going quicker than you think.

Working with founders & business owners I can assess your business proposal, your business plan or your investment pitch to improve its clarity, communication and impact – ensuring it appeals to the right lender. Then I guide you to the best matched funder and coach you through the presentation to secure the resources you require.

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Experienced as a lender in both private & public sectors, & in hosting numerous equity investment pitch events, I am often asked to deliver an overview of the options available to business owners, networking groups and other institutions.

My presentation will demystify the current funding landscape, and I will highlight some of the lesser known options, service providers, fund sources & schemes to consider for your business needs.

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Tailored to your requirements, I can design & deliver workshops to help your business find the right funding. Suited to founders & business owners across all sectors – regardless of whether you are pre-trading, a start-up or an established entity.

If you are preparing a plan, assessing your finances, or finessing your pitch for investment or funding, these workshops enable business owners to share thoughts and learn together.

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