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This is where I share my experience and answer queries I regularly hear

I will explain the culture, the assessment criteria used, the reasons decisions are derived and the appetite of different investors and lenders. I can show you the best route and options for your business. Every business situation is unique and we are knowledgable and flexible enough to work with you.

Recognise any of these quandries? We will address them here, on our blog.

You know where you’re heading, but how are you going to fund your journey . . ?

You thought finding the funding would be easier than this, right . . ?

If only a lender or investor could see & share your vision . . ?

Feel like you’re going backwards instead of forwards . . .?

Do you know the different ways to approach different funders ?

Would you like to know how to adapt your proposal to the right audience ?

Why does one lender decline & yet another agree ?

How do I find alternative lenders if they don`t advertise themselves ?

you need to get on your way . . . .

How to Impress a Lender

So, you want to get your loan request agreed right ? Sure, who doesn’t… …but surely they don’t agree all loan requests and equally they don’t decline all requests either, so what makes the difference – what makes an application impresses the lender, what gets them to say “Yes” ? Well, the quote says “To […]

Why Have A Business Plan ?

I mean it sounds like a lot of work … doesn’t it ? Progressing your business request is going to involve talking to a number of different people, in fact more than you think. If you only had to asked one person and they managed to to solve your entire request you’d be pretty lucky […]